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2009 Ford F-150 Grille, All Taped Up

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Ford F-150's the vehicle that sold more than any other this past year. Yup, more than the Camry, more than the Accord and more than it's pickup truck rivals. Although we already knew we'd be seeing the newly-redesigned 2009 Ford F-150 this week at the Detroit Auto Show, and we already have seen some pretty clear spy photos of the new 09 F-150 a couple of weeks back. Heck, we've even seen the new logo ('s even got a shot of the actual logo). But still, it's good to see the grille getting a bit more defined for us — even if it is all taped up. More shots coming in a moment. Full spy report from KGP below the jump. UPDATE: Full high-res shots now included below.


With Ford's revamped F-150 reportedly set to take its official bow in about a week, at the Detroit Auto Show, some of the camouflage has begun to disappear from the prototypes testing around Dearborn. The winds from some extreme Michigan weather blew the cover off one F- series prototype, revealing the new grille design for the first time with some clarity. Even our photo of a completely undisguised F-150— caught during a photo shoot in late November—only showed a sliver of the new grille, so the face of the F-series had remained partially in doubt. The grille treatment on this F-150 prototype suggests that some of toughness of Ford's new Super Duty trucks will trickle down into the lighter-duty models.

We have seen evidence of what appears to be at least one other grille
treatment for the new F-series, which may be destined for other trim
levels and configurations. So there may be a bit more in store for
the mug of Ford's new truck. But for now, we can at least provide you
this partially clear look at at the face of Ford's most important new