2009 Dodge Ram 1500

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If these spy shots are taken at face value, the next Dodge Ram 1500 pickup could come with its own trench coat. Still, Dodge has to come on strong with its continual also-ran truck line (saleswise), and will do it with an upgraded Hemi, Phoenix V6 with more power and better fuel economy and a revised 4.7-liter V8 that will be ethanol capable and get better mileage than the paleo-eight it replaces. [Pickup Truck.com]



Get rid of the cross-hair grill?....lol. It's been around for like 20 years already, why y'all whining about it now? You could ask/hope for a less prominent cross-hairs design, but they won't get rid of it altogether (nor should they!).

The RAM look/shape is too succesful. If they want to try a new look with a truck they should use the Dakota, which would simultaneously force those aspiring to the RAM look to actually buy a RAM and leave the Dakota to go after new market share.

Just one last observation...the Powerwagon, Rampage, and M80 that were all referenced as good designs happen to have cross-hair grills.