2009 Chevrolet Camaro, First Interior Shots!

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The spy shooters of KGP have snagged us one heckuva get — these are the best shots to date of the 2009 Chevy Camaro caught on a car trailer — including the very first interior shots we've yet seen. We'll have all the shots up in a moment, but we've got the full spy report below the jump. UPDATE: All the photos added below. Looks like the interior's remaining true to the concept interior and one thing's for sure about the exterior — it's certainly got big tires and as we saw earlier — a B-pillar. And these pictures show us a much more clear look at the deisgn integration than the first Camaro spy photos we shared with you last month — or better than the sneaky Camaro camera-phone shot.

UPDATE #2: Apparently we got Bob Lutz so upset by posting these spy photos he's decided "to heck with it" and he's pulling the covers off all of the Chevy Camaro testers. Who knew we could have such an impact?


One of our European operatives caught this full stable of high-
performance Holden test cars—including the new Camaro—between
Denmark and Sweden, en route to the frigid arctic circle testing
grounds. The encounter provided the best, most detailed look at the
Camaro, including the first shots of the car's interior.

As with the exterior, the production Camaro's interior will remain

true to the concept in its overall look and feel. The largest change

between the concept and production versions is found on this

prototype's center stack, which has an attractive stereo interface

that was missing on the show car. The four small analog gages still

reside in front of the gear shift lever, and the old-school

instrumentation pods have survived the productionizing process largely

unscathed. A band of color-keyed trim runs along the dash face, and

flares out into the door panels, providing some welcome character and

further linking the production Camaro with the concept that has been

only teasing us for far too long now.

Our close-up look reveals that these Camaro prototypes were outfitted

with 20-inch wheels, and were shod with 245/45 ZR20 Pirello P Zero


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Two different sets of wheels. Wonder which one is the basic set, and which one is the optional, or handling set. The interior seems underwhelming, more like a base version (read the V-6 secretaries car) or the rental car version. As far as the seats, I would be surprised if they developed stand alone units for the Camaro, because it really isn't really going to reach the same production level as the Malibu or Impala, so GM is going to use as much production ready components as possible. I'm disappointed with the Steering Column ignition switch. Should be on the Dash Board somewhere.