2009 Acura TSX

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You already saw the official live reveal of the new 2009 TSX, and as I told you earlier, there'd be more coming tonight. The "more" is I've already had the chance to drive the 2009 Acura TSX, but we'll get to that tomorrow at our regularly scheduled noon review time. First, let's take a moment to talk about the whole business of writing an entertaining review about a car. A vehicle on the extremes of terrible and amazing is much easier to write about than reviewing a car sitting smack-dab in the squishy vanilla middle between dull and duller. Given the adjectives available for both ends of the spectrum are so much more appealing, it's no wonder this is the case — think epic, brilliant, orgasmic and their diametric opposites of appalling, disgusting and vomit-inducing. When emotion drives your verbiage it usually means you've driven either an amazing car or a complete pile of horse excrement. When it's none of the above, it's hard to get the same level of excitingly quotable quotes. Which brings me to the subject at hand — the 2009 Acura TSX.


If I were to use four words to describe the new TSX they'd be:

competent yet remarkably boring

But what should one expect from a car given alternately the titles of "entry-level sports sedan" and "entry-level luxury sedan" by the PR team at Acura. To me that seems a lot like this car is what happens when those two worlds collide — you get more "entry level" than you do "luxury or "sports sedan." But you'll have to wait until noon tomorrow to get the full driving impression from my weekday spent in sunny California behind the wheel of a new manny-tranny'ed TSX for 2009.


Look at what happened to the Civic. It went from transportation to an overstuffed electronic barge. I don't see any indication that spartan sells anymore unfortunately so we probably won't see much more of that from Honda and Toyota at least.

The general population has come to expect a certain level of crap oozing from their car interiors and when they don't get wireless downloading capability with global positioning and titanium blinker filaments then they didn't get the luxury that they obviously so richly deserve.

If you want a hot motor in a stripped down car you're screwed. You will pay an extra $5K because everybody else NEEDS this heavy self-important certain to eventually fail electronic command center bullshit.

There's a slight possibility that we have an entitlement problem in this country. We won't be happy until we can just drive down the road in our living room. I don't have a problem with getting it if that's what you want and you want to pay for it. I just want a couple options that don't include all that crap. And I'm not seeing many.