2009 Acura TL Type-S Shows Us All Four Pipes In Tacoma

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We've already had a good first look at the 2009 Acura TL so when we got a tip from Exit133 that they had a long-range photo of the new TL being used for a commercial in Tacoma we weren't hopeful there would be much news. Alas, unlike the rear end of 2009 TL we've already spotted around town a few times, you can make out quad-pipes, a clear sign this is almost certainly the 2009 Acura TL Type-S. Another good sign is the fact that there are clearly production staff running to move the car. So what should we expect from the new 2009 Acura TL and 2009 Acura TL Type-S?


According to our sources, here's what you can expect:

The much more exciting news lies in the next generation TL Type-S. Under the hood you will find the 3.7-liter V6 from the MDX CUV. That's an engine already rated at 300 HP in the MDX and our industry sources tell us to expect this motor to be good for around 330 HP in the TL's hot rod version. That said, we've also heard whispers that a number in the 340-350 HP range is not totally out of the realm of possibility.

If those horsepower numbers get your blood flowing, remember that power will also be coursing through Acura's torque-vectoring, SH-AWD system on the Type-S. That leads us to hope those rumors about a number closer to 350 HP turn out to be true.

The last bit of good news on the Type-S is the slush box. A 6 speed, manumatic DSG gearbox will be standard equipment on this faster-than-average sports sedan. Expect to be able to shift the gears through steering wheel-mounted, flappy-paddle shifters, or with the "stick" itself via a "+/-" gate.

Watch for the regular 2009 TL to go on sale during the summer or fall of 2008 and we expect the meaner S-Type following 6-12 months later.


Mmm, meaty. [Exit133]

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pedal to the mettle

It looks like Acura is going to outdo the G35 in performance and ugliness. When it's ugly vs. ugly, you might as well go by the numbers. Or get an IS350 instead.