2008 Ford Taurus: Robocop Edition

We've been doing some traveling over the past week — running from one shining sea to the other. Rather than deal with the normal boring fare we're used to sampling via the wonders of bittorrent, we've been sampling iTunes newest movie rental feature. Specifically, we snagged a copy of RoboCop for a quick 24-hour rental. There's nothing like re-watching that Detroit blood-bath to get us thinking about our love of the SHO Taurus. We could snag ourselves a 1988 Ford Taurus from Robocop 3, but we'd prefer something like the SHO with a bit more "go." Unfortunately Ford ain't obliging that particular desire at the moment. But, it did get us wondering what it'd be like to have a new 2008 Ford Taurus set up OCP-style for running the streets of Old Detroit. The boys at the site all about News from the Blue Oval are one step ahead of us.


Ted Krygier, one of the Ford fan-boys over there, did a quick p-shop that you can see above and which we're totally digging. But I kind of feel like our commenters may be able to do better. Anyone care to take a stab at a new whip for Officer Murphy? If you're looking for p-shop fodder, you may want to try here or here. [via Blue Oval News]

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