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2008 Ferrari 575 GTZ Spyder

This image was lost some time after publication.
This image was lost some time after publication.

Our boy Richard from just got us his scoop from the 2007 Quail Motorsports Gathering — what appears to be a new Spyder that looks like it could be derived from the Ferrari 575 GTZ built for Yushiyuki Hayashi. Richard expects it to be officially revealed at the 2008 Geneva Auto Show. Here's what else Richard's got to say — and here's a high-res shot of the tease:

August 30th, 2007- At the 2007 Quail Motorsports Gathering, a new Ferari Zagato Spyder was announced which may be the next Spyder California. This famous name harks back to the 1950s performance convertible that was named after Ferrari's best market.

The new Spyder will probably be built in very few numbers like the five Coupe versions which have been completed over the last year. Similarly, the chassis will come from a 575 Maranello and receive a new, more outrageous body from Zagato in Milan.

Zagato and successful Ferrari's relationship started with the 1948 Ferrari 166 MM Zagato Panoramica and continued sporadically throughout Ferrari's lengthy history. The most famous Zagato-Ferrari is the Ferrari 250 GT Zagato which helped Camillo Luglio become the Italian sports car champion twice over.

Orders are now being taken by a representative of the Qvale group for the new Spyder and we will likey see it for the first time at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show.



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Brian, The Life of


You nailed it: vintage 'vette (with a little Mach V thrown in). This is a mediocre implementation of a great idea, IMO. Ferrari has SO much awesome vintage style to emulate/update. While I don't agree with those who say this is horrid, they could have done better.