2008 Chevy Colorado To Get A V8?

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The folks over at the site all about trucks that pick up are claiming Chevy's finally going a bit more rock-like for the 2008 version of the midsize pickup from the 'merican revolution. They claim the Colorado (as well as its platform cousin Canyon) will be receiving the same small-block 5.3-liter 295 hp engine powering its other-other cousin, the 2008 Hummer H3 Alpha. That's a bit of a bump from the current engine offerings — the Vortec 2.9-liter 185 hp four cylinder and the Vortec 3700 3.7-liter 242 hp five cylinder. Although the folks at the General aren't confirming anything — they are saying "stay tuned." We'd also like to point out they tell us "stay tuned" every time we ask whether we'll see a new El Camino at the next Detroit show. We've been asking that question for the past 2 1/2 years.


'08 Means a V8 for Chevrolet Colorado [PickupTruck.com]

(Photo: Total Media)

New York Auto Show Preview: The H3 Coulda Had A V8, So Now It Does [internal]


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@danio3834: I saw a Dakota convertible in white last week on my way home from work. In total I've seen two in my life, which isn't bad.

Then again, I also saw a stretch limo Tribeca on my way to work, which is a sure sign of the Apocalypse.

And there was the Vanquish, the two 996 Turbos, the purple Ferrari 308 driven by Gary Glitter...that's what you get for being lost in Boston.