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Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

If an Elise feels too confining, and a Se7en cramps your style, we've got a Nice Price or Crack Pipe contender that'll let everything you got swing free in the breeze.


Rocketing straight outta' Ashland Oregon, the Atom 2 is, like Fat Stig, an American approximation of the English original. While the Somerset-built Atom receives a range-topping 300bhp Honda mill, the "2" got the same motivating power as the Chevy Cobalt SS- the supercharged Ecotec 4. While situated behind the bow tie, it provided 205bhp, but here in skeletor it bangs out 300 ponies. Those ponies are put to good use in this half-ton parkway projectile. From a standing stop, sixty miles per hour is under three seconds away. Aerodynamic drag and the fear of getting a dung beetle in the face at hypersonic speeds limits the top end to a still butt-puckering 140 mph, with the macadam only inches from that pucker.

Now, this little boneshaker is claimed by the seller to have been the president's personal car. No, that doesn't mean that Barack and Michelle were using it to cruise down to league night at the bowling alley. It was the president of Ariel North America that drove it, and apparently he didn't get out too often as it only has 900 miles on the clock. Why, that's hardly even broken in. Maybe much of his ownership time was spent bolting on that $8,600 in carbon fiber? Or adding the halon fire suppression system, or just staring at it and laughing maniacally? All that adds up to an asking price of $84,986, which doesn't seem that bad until you consider that the car lacks certain things- like a roof, or a windshield. . . or damn-near everything unrelated to the primary function of getting you from point A to point Be glad you didn't get arrested. And that's alright.

So does $85K sound like a sweet deal for this presidential atom bomb? Or does that price leave as rotten a taste in your mouth as the swarm of cicadas you'll inevitably hit?


You decide!

Illustration for article titled 2006 Ariel Atom 2 For A Face-Chapping $84,986!

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