Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

How much NASCAR is too much NASCAR? Get ready to find out with a Nice Price or Crack Pipe contender that'll let you argue with the judge that you weren't tailgating, you were drafting.

This Dale Earnhardt Jr replica-racer exemplifies the love and dedication of a NASCAR fan for the sport. The all-caps, bold-red listing maniacally describes an expensive, time-consuming and painstaking obeisance paid to Dale Jr by this current, super speedway-obsessed owner. The decals, boom tube exhaust, diamond-cut rims and Rusty Wallace signature exemplify an individual consumed by his idolization for both driver and sport. But is this truly an exact replica of Junebug's mighty number 8? Let's make a comparison with the real deal, shall we?

Okay, now as you will see, the backend of the real car is actually much shorter than that of the replica. Also, the homage doesn't seem to have quite so many pieces that are detatched from the main body.


Here we see an even greater disparity between progenitor and replica- it looks like the seller got the nose all wrong on this Monte Carlo.

Regardless of authenticity, this car will get you some looks, and the seller claims it to have been photographed a thousand times. He doesn't say that's because he likes to blow through red-light cameras, but it'd be best to check for outstanding warrants before hitting that Buy It Now button, just in case.

Underneath all the NASCAR, there lies a real car- a 2004 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. It's motivated by the supercharged 3.8 V6 giving it 240 bhp and marking it with the historied cognomen of SS. Along with the pressurized pushrodder, the SS-kitted Monte Carlo features special lower-body cladding and a rear-deck spoiler, plus some trim changes. Other than that, it's pure baroque styling, and a good thing about the decals on this one is that they somewhat hide the lovely lady humps of the Monte's fender line, itself a tribute to the car's ‘70s forbears.


Along with all the awesomeness of the car itself, the seller is including the factory tires and cat-back, as well as a couple more of the yellow-letter eagles, and even more decals just in case you feel the urge to redecorate your double-wide in a matching motif.

So, do you dig Dale Jr as much as this seller, and think $15,000 is a sweet deal for a tribute Full Monte? Or for that price, does it NASCAR the hell out of you?

You decide!


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