$2 Million McLaren F1 Self-Immolates In Sickening Conflagration

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Normally we take some amusement in super car infernos, but this McLaren F1 fire in Santa Rosa, California makes us sick to our stomachs. A marvelous thoroughbred shouldn't die like this, never like this.


It happened yesterday, when the owner took it out after six months of storage and an onlooker alerted the owner to smoke coming from the engine bay. The fire spread quickly and consumed the carbon fiber body work and 6.0 liter BMW V12 with horrifying efficiency. The car was a total loss, valued at $2 million and insured for $3 million, but the financial implications are nothing compared to losing one of these rare gems.

The McLaren F1 is a testament to the magnificent results of form following function, it is quite possibly the purest supercar that will ever be constructed, and to have it die from an engine fire is just sad. Driver error at 231 MPH on the Nurburgring, a tire puncture at full-G on the Pacific Coast Highway followed by a magnificent plummet into the ocean, the first failed attempt at a wheeled vehicle orbital launch... there are many ways for a McLaren F1 to die a glorious death, but to die like so many Pontiac Gran Prixs just doesn't do the car justice. This is just sad. We'll be pouring one out in mourning this evening. [Press Democrat, Bay Area Riders Forum]