$2,500 Tata Nano Aiming For 2013 U.S. Launch

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Because the Chevy Aveo RS is moving upscale, cheap Americans will need new crap cars to waste their pointless lives in. Crap cars like the Tata Nano, which may end up here in 2013.


All of this is according to Tata's chairman Ratan Tata, who is running around the Delhi Auto Expo telling people they're aiming for a release within the next three years for non-developing areas like the U.S. and Europe. Hell, by 2013 the U.S. may be a developing market again.


Of course, the car will cost more than $2,500 if it actually passes safety regulations. Also expect it to come up-featured beyond the base model Indian version, which comes in a form even people who live on $10 a day find unluxurious. [Reuters via Green Car Reports]

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Great news for the ladies... most Tata's cost around $6,ooo in the US.