1989 LaForza for $5,300!

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Nice Price Or No DiceIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

In the late 1980s luxury SUVs were the stars of the car wars. In celebration of that era, Nice Price or Crack Pipe says may LaForza be with you.


Yesterday a small number of you you took small pity on a small car and gave a thumbs up to the maple leaf Minor. Today let's look not to the North, but to the vast emptiness of space. Okay, now that we've done that, let's check out this truck.

Hailing not from a galaxy far far away, but from the former empire nation of Italy, the Rayton Fissore/LaForza debuted at the 1985 Turin show, to near universal disinterest. A better kept secret than the second death star, this Tom Tjaarda-designed sport utility never garnered the attention level of even a pair of innocuous lost droids. The LaForza was intended to capitalize on the success of the Range Rover, and came standard with 4-wheel drive and a V8, but lacking the ability to make the jump into hyperspace, or many people's garages. Its Iveco-based chassis, and Ford Mustang 5.0 engine were sturdy enough to take on an original trilogy's worth of both on- and off-road adventure, and the sumptuous leather and wood interior trimmings would suit even the most discriminating wookiee. Sadly, sales, much like The Phantom Menace, failed to live up to expectations. Perhaps due to the fact that, from the back, it looks like an oversized Ford Festiva?

This 1989 LaForza, in silver, looks as if it has made the Kessel Run a few times too many, but that doesn't stop the seller from singing its praises in hopes of catching your rebel heart. He does so despite his admission to being as unknowledgeable of the vehicle's history as was Luke of his true parentage. The body is claimed straight, the engine to run like a dream, and the seller claims to have mistaken it for an 98-01 model- potentially owing to his complete lack of familiarity with the marque. On closer examination, the exterior and interior both wear the patina of use – a la the Millennium Falcon – including rusted seat tracks, broken door handles, delaminating trim, and panel gaps large enough to bullseye womp rats through. Its reliability is as unknowable as the mythical force that binds the galaxy together, and sourcing parts could be a problem without your neighborhood jawa, meaning you wouldn't want to trust it to get you through a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

So, does $5,300 for this LaForza make you want to fly your han solo? Or does it make you obi wan to pass on it?

You decide!

Illustration for article titled 1989 LaForza for $5,300!
Illustration for article titled 1989 LaForza for $5,300!

eBay, or go here if the ad gets encased in carbonite. Thanks to TTopJohn for the tip

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YankBoffin hoons a BRZ

Nice price. While I'm sure you could get an '89 Range Rover for this price, this is an unusual, yet still practical ride, for someone in the market for an eccentric off-roader.

It's not to my taste, but at least with the 5.0 you know you can make it a lot faster than an old range rover and for little money.

Furthermore, it'll never be concours, but it is a genuine example of the classic Italian design/Motown muscle car that makes for good conversation.