1988 Renault Medallion

You want rare cars in this series? How about this '88 Renault Medallion? After purchasing the wreckage of AMC in 1987, Chrysler decided to rebrand the Medallion as an Eagle partway through the '88 model year, so surviving Renault-branded examples are probably rarer than Hemi Superbirds (or '53 Packards, like the one that lives on the same block as this car). Based on that paragon of automotive build quality, the Renault 21, and tainted with the smell of death from obviously-doomed American Motors, sales of the Medallion started out poorly and went downhill fast from there.


Part of the problem was that the not-exactly-stellar reliability of the Renault Alliance had made American car buyers wary of AMC-Renault products by the time the Medallion came out. That diamond on the grille might as well have been a Biohazard emblem, given how much it helped sales.

Still, this car looks a bit different from the usual late-80s thing, especially around the rear quarter glass and rear wheelwells.


The Medallion had a funky longitudinal-engine/FWD setup that effectively cancelled all the space-saving benefits of the front-drive layout, using the 2.2 liter four-banger out of the Renault 25.


Yes, you never know quite what you'll find down on Alameda's street!

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