1987 Monte Carlo SS Has the Look of a Winner

According to this 1987 Chevrolet dealer promo, the Monte Carlo SS has the "unmistakable look of racing know how". GM built the Monte Carlo SS for "motorsports enthusiasts" who have the unmistakable look of being 80s models.

This dealer promo was originally distributed to Chevrolet dealers to get them excited and more familiar with the 1987 Monte Carlo's. 1987 was the fourth and final year for 80s Monte Carlo SS production. Even though 1988 model year cars were sold, they were produced before production ended December 12th, 1987. The cars were initially produced to benefit Chevrolet's Successful 80s NASCAR program. GM seemed very proud of the Monte Carlo SS's race heritage.


Throughout the dealer promo are mentions of the Monte Carlo's race inspired styling, handling and performance. Truly the styling of these cars was likely the only thing race inspired, or successful. Having spent a couple years of my life carrying on a love/hate relationship with a modified 1988 Monte Carlo SS, I can promise that in stock form the handling and performance of these cars is far from race inspired. Even so, the success of 80s Monte Carlo SS's is perhaps one of the last that can be attributed to the old "win on Sunday, sell on Monday" adage.

The "fastback" or Aero coupe models of the Monte Carlo SS were the body style actually racing around a track in 1986-1988. Only 200 were produced in 1986, exactly enough to pass NASCAR requirements for use on racecars. Interestingly enough, it is one of these 200 cars produced in 1986 used in this dealer promo by what looks to be the waterfront area of Savannah, GA (I could be wrong) instead of a 1987 model. The fastbacks were not as popular or good looking as the coupe versions, but were more successful on the racetrack.

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