We love the BMW 6 series cars around here, and so far we've seen an '83 633CSi and an '87 L6 parked on the Alameda street. You fans of the early 5 and 7 series BMWs will have your day, as I'm going to shoot at least one example of each for this series... but that's going to have to wait, because we've got a "stop the presses" sort of a find for today.

Yes, it's what appears to be a genuine first-generation BMW M6 (or a really, really good fake). I was out for a walk and spotted this red shark parked in a handicapped zone next to Alameda Hospital. You see, handicapped drivers here in the Bay Area don't allow their disabilities to dilute their love for fast German cars.


Fewer than 2,000 E24 M6s were sold in North America during the 1983-89 period. The '87 came with a 256-horse six and a price tag of $55,950 ($106,695.07 in 2008 bucks), just a few grand less than a new Porsche 928S.


This example is in very nice condition for a street-driven 21-year-old car. Sure, 256 horsepower in a 3,570-pound car isn't such a big deal nowadays, but this thing was a fearsome factory hot rod in its time.

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