1986 Honda CRX HF

There's a lot of talk lately about the skyrocketing value of the Geo Metro, what with high gas prices and all, but it seems that folks are forgetting about the astounding fuel economy of the Honda CRX HF. The HF got over 50 MPG highway and was orders of magnitude more fun to drive than the Chevy Sprint/Geo Metro, yet you don't hear much about it these days. I spotted this example, in the white/gray/red color scheme most mid-80s CRXs seem to have, parked just a few doors down from the VW Rabbit Diesel pickup and decided that 22 years and 50 MPG gives this car DOTS status, regardless of how many are still out there.


Honda was still branding the CRX with Civic emblems in the mid-80s, but the little two-seater felt like a totally different car. The HF got a mere 58 horses from its 8-valve 1300 (compared to 91 in the hot Si's fuel-injected 1500), but 58 horses is plenty with a 1,713-pound car.

I've had a couple of these cars, and they'll keep going forever if you don't blow the head gasket (i.e., don't overheat it), change the timing belt when the time comes (interference engine), and can get it to pass the smog test (mind-bogglingly complicated emissions gear). The two-seater part is somewhat limiting, but it will haul plenty of stuff; I've used a CRX to bring home large items of junkyard loot, including a Chevy 350 short block and a variety of transmissions, and you can fit 8' long 2x4s in the car with nothing sticking out (run them from left rear corner to right front corner, between the seats).


That settles it- I'm going shopping for an HF right now... and I'm gonna convert it to run on propane!

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