1986 Ford Mustang LX

Back when we had the Do Fox Mustangs Belong In DOTS? poll, 63% of Jalopnik readers who bothered to vote said they thought it was a good idea. So, I grabbed the camera and set out on foot to photograph the first pre-90s example I could find. 28 seconds later, here's this abused-but-proud '86 LX showing up in my viewfinder (the same thing happened when I went looking for a Malaise Volvo 240). These things are still everywhere on the island (along with their Fairmont, Granada, Mark VII, and other Fox brethren). Sure, I could have held out for a '79, or maybe one with 80s graphics, but beaters are cool!


There sure isn't any mistaking the decade of this car! All it lacks is the faded black plastic louvers over the rear window.

This car has the Canadian Essex V6, but it's a non-hellish project to swap in a junkyard 5.0 and take advantage of the light weight of the LX.


Lose the faux-wire-wheel hubcaps and chrome fender trim, apply a coat of black primer, and this car would look good.


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