1985 Ford Mustang: Makes You Think It's 1965 All Over Again!

So you think the Cocaine Factory '85 Duster Ad was the most Eighties car ad you've ever seen? Maybe so, but you're tapping a rich vein of 80s-ness when you add some low-end moonwalking and vaguely break-dance-esque music to an ad for a Turbo Mullet Era Fox Mustang. And only $6,885... for the car with the 88-horsepower 2.3 liter four-cylinder.


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Rob Emslie

If you read the disclaimer in the poster frame (I know, it's blurry) you'll see that the quoted price is for the "NON-TURBO 4 CYLINDER" model.

I wonder if that was a factory model, with NON-TURBO badging and commensurate bragging rights of ownership- That's right baby, it's a Mustang non-turbo...88 crankin' ponies.