Cadillac didn't make a station wagon in 1985, but if this coachbuilt example is any indication we think they should have. There's no shortage of custom station wagons built from cars that never left the factory with a long roof option, but few end up looking as good as this Fleetwood Station Wagon currently on Ebay.

This custom Caddy was modified by Moloney Coachworks in Illinois for the owner of a California horse track back when it was new. The car has a low-mileage (16,151 miles currently showing) California existence to thank for its excellent original rust-free condition. It is believed by the current seller to be the only one of its kind.

Even putting aside our admitted love of most RWD GM products of the 1980s, we'd say this custom wagon came out better than most. The lines of the big Cadillac combined with the a roof section stolen from a B-body station wagon of the same era result in a car that looks like it could have and should have been built.

Despite our views on the subject, production of this full-size luxury station wagon was unfortunately, at least to our knowledge, limited to this example. That means if you can't live without a full-size Cadillac station wagon from 1985, you better start bidding on this one. Currently the high bid on this example is $12,000.00 with the reserve still not met.