1983 Nissan Maxima a rolling tribute to WTF

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Paul Bennett's job as a mechanic at Miami International Airport clearly isn't enough to satisfy his tinkering instinct. Using a 1983 Nissan Maxima as a basis (canvas? unwitting volunteer?) he's created this rolling tribute to wrenching and insanity.


Bennett's mechanical-artistic odyssey started with the best of intentions: he wanted to keep his dogs cool while his car was parked. He rigged up two ventilation fans and powered them with a slab of solar cells attached to the Maxima's trunklid. More ambitious was a graywater-recirculation system for the air conditioner. A generator took up much of the trunk space, so a cargo box now hangs off the rear end.

From there the crazy developed apace: a hood sculpture (the word "ornament" is wholly inadequate), a Class 8-aping vertical exhaust pipe, "TIME MACHINE" badges, and more. Bennett estimates that he has invested $15,000 in various additions and one can only imagine what homemade intricacies lie within that angular white body.


Should you wish to support this noble art-machine endeavor, Bennett is selling ad space on the back of the cargo box.

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BtheD19, Formula J treble World Champion

Art car? No. That's a rolling redneck engineering disaster.

<= This is an art car.