1979 Porsche 928

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We've already seen a 928 in this series, but I always consider the Malaise Era 928s to be the best ones. Sure, the later 928s were way faster, but late-70s car freaks didn't have much reason for optimism during a period of declining horsepower, disco tape stripes, and huge bumpers, and the then-new 928 was one of the few bright spots. So here we go with another JFG/DOTS combo car, which I found parked near the 1970 VW Transporter pickup.


The 219-horsepower V8 in this car doesn't sound like much today (and, yes, you Yurpeans got more power in your 928s... and dirtier air), but [insert horsepower rating of any 1979 Detroit V8 here].

That power didn't come cheap, however; you'd have to move a lot of white powder to come up with the $28,500 (about 84 grand today) list price of a '79 928. You could get yourself a new Ferrari 308 for about the same price... or three Corvettes.


This example is a little battered, but it moves frequently enough to indicate that it runs. Malaise 928s are quite affordable these days, due to the ungodly complicated mechanicals and don't-even-ask price of parts. Someday we might even see one in the 24 Hours of LeMons!

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