1979 Ford Granada (No, Not That One) Hearse for $3,500!

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

The two inevitabilities in life are death and taxes. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe candidate will make sure that your eventual death won't be too taxing.

It's strange enough to come across a German Ford Granada for sale in Seattle WA. But what are the odds of it having been converted into a hearse in England, or that the current owner has painted it a non-traditional Corvette yellow so loud it could wake the dead? With that bright paint, and a windshield banner proudly proclaiming its brand, this car is sure to put a smile on the face of even the most grief-stricken bereaved. It's so cheery and sunny, your soon to be daisy-pushing passengers will understand if you feel the need to dance on their graves. Hell, you show up in this and they be dying to be ghost riding the whip on it!


This Granada represents truly a unique opportunity for someone with both a love of Euro-Fords, and perhaps a macabre affection for loud and proud funeral processionals. The seller is including with the car a John Deere-green casket, just in case the lemon-hued last rites-mobile isn't sufficiently vulgar. To be sure, you'd never lose this car in a crowed lot, as it will stand out. Of course you could also follow the trail of people with shocked or disapproving looks on their faces to its position.

That individualistic seller notes that the car is afflicted with some rust bubbles, to be expected in a car located in the damp and drizzly Pacific Northwest. It also has a crack in the windscreen, but hey, that's not a deal killer, is it? What might be, is that anemic 2.8 Capri motor, as the added weight of body sans soul will tax every one of those 132bhp that might still be haunting the little six. Even the seller recommends a V8 transplant.

So, is $3,500 a Nice Price for this Garish Graveyard Granada? Or does that price leave you stiff?

You decide!


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