1979 BMW M1 for a Motoren-Werken $149,995!

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Mid-engine madness overcomes stereotypical douchebagginess with today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe BMW M1 super car.

In the mid 1970s, BMW commissioned Lamborghini to engineer a competitive race/street car for a proposed PROCAR racing series in support of F1 events. The Italian's expertise in creating balanced and quick mid-engine platforms had been proven on both street and track, and made up for the BMW's lack of experience with this layout.


The resultant M1 supercar was born as the anti-douche, and has since become legend. Even today, mere sightings of the Giguaro-penned coupe can set gearheads into spasms of apoplexy. Simply hearing the throaty M88 six fire up its 3453 cubic centimeters can throw you right over the edge. And the ability to actually plant your unworthy ass behind the three-spoke wheel, move that tall, absolutely vertical shifter into first, and drop the clutch in a wheel-spinning, tail-wagging launch would mean you have died and gone to Himmel.

Experiencing this ultimate- ultimate driving machine on a daily basis is now possible. This '79 edition, one of only 50 built that year, and of 455 total, comes in period-appropriate Motorsports livery and a PROCAR-aping body kit from Style Garage of Hamburg. Its 33,200 claimed miles indicate it may have lead a cushy life so far, but that doesn't need to mean you shouldn't be able to enjoy the car in its intended mien.

But greatness comes at a price, and this rare find comes at the rarefied asking price of $149,995. For that substantial sum you could probably buy a house, or a kidney. Neither of those would give you the carnal satisfaction of owning an M1 however.


So, what's the take on this mid-engine masterpiece? Does the one hundred and fifty grand price bring back the douchiness? Or, are M-series impervious to the DB curse?


You decide!


Munich Evolution, or go here, if the ad disappears. Hat tip to Yancie!

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