1978 Ford Fairmont Station Wagon Down On The New Hampshire Street

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This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition, where we check out interesting street-parked cars located in places other than the Island That Rust Forgot. Here's a nice Fox Ford Find from New England, courtesy of FuzzyPlushroom.


Vehicle: Ford Fairmont wagon (I believe it's a 1978, as the '79-on models seem to have amber front parking lamps).

Location: Jaffrey, New Hampshire

It's about 100 feet from where I photographed the International Harvester, Thunderbird, and Model A (not the Model T, that was up the street).

Another one I've been stalking, this car's been in town for years, but I haven't caught it street-parked until now. The rub strips on the doors are in interesting condition, as if they're very lightly but completely surface-rusted. My first impression of it was "wow, Ford couldn't even be bothered to make it look like FAKE wood", as it's a brownish color. It wasn't a standard thing, certainly, as this Google-sourced photo shows, but then, it doesn't have the awful black bumper trim either, so it could be a poorly-chosen aftermarket thing.

The cargo area's got tools and a couple bottles of motor oil inside, indicating that the owner works on the car himself (or herself, I suppose). The interior appears to be in decent shape (and matches the exterior, even!), but I couldn't get that good a shot of it, due to the rain (which was steadily increasing while I was shooting the car).

All four dog-dishes are present and accounted for, though one's got a good-sized dent in it, and the body's mostly straight, with only a few small rust patches and impact marks (right front fender, front edge of the hood, and the damage to the left rear door). The emblems, aside from the Ford lettering on the grille, are well on their way to becoming Ghosts of Emblems Past.



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Ford Tempo Fanatic

It is a station wagon. Thus, it is cool. I've often wondered why Ford never made a Tempo Wagon. Tempo being the car that replaced Fairmont. I mean, Escort and Taurus had wagon body styles.

I guess if you want things done right, ya gotta do 'em yourself.