1976 and 1979 International Scout IIs

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Welcome to Found Off The Street, our look at cars found on the cape that rust liked so much it decided to summer there; Cape Cod, MA. Today we have a pair of 1970s International Harvester Scout IIs

Last week in Found Off The Street we saw a 1968 Volkswagen Baja Bug that was waiting for a new owner to return to having off road fun. This week let's take a look at a pair of Scouts that won't be returning to active duty any time soon.

The International Scout was one of the first SUVs, built in a time when SUVs were long on function and short on frills. Scout production began in 1960 and they were introduced for the 1961 model year. The original models were noted for their power and off road ability in stock form. Because of this, early Scouts became popular with people who needed a strong SUV in a compact package.


10 years and several model designations after the first Scout was delivered, a redesigned Scout II was introduced in 1971. The design was a step away from the previous bare bones utility of the Scout 80 and 800s with the inclusion of some options for ease of use. The Scout II was bigger and had more powerful engine options then the previous models as well as beefier axles.

Both of the Scouts you see here are examples of the Scout II. The Grey Scout is a 1976 and the Orange Scout is a 1979. Like the smaller Scouts before them, Scout IIs became well known for their off road ability and developed a cult following that remains strong to this day. Unfortunately, the Scout II also inherited their predecessor's rust prone nature. These pictures tell a tale of two old beasts losing the battle with rust.

These aren't just any pair of rotted old Scouts; the Orange Scout seen here is actually the vehicle that made me fall in love with Scouts when I was younger. They are both owned by a family who used to operate a Scout dealership near where I grew up on the cape that rust remembered. Although they closed their dealership before I was even born they opened a service station where both of these Scouts now reside.

In the early 90s the Orange scout was one of the shop vehicles used for the family's service station. I remember seeing the bright orange Scout driving all over town and from a young age I knew someday I wanted a Scout of my own. Just over a decade after the last Scout rolled off the assembly line at IH, Scouts were already a rare breed. The Orange Scout is one of the few I remember seeing growing up and holds the most prominent spot in my memory.

Now, as you can see, the years of hard use in New England have caught up with the Orange Scout. It has been sitting where you see it for some time now. The last time I asked about it there were plans to restore it eventually, although it has been a couple years since I've inquired. For now, the Orange Scout sits rusting away alongside the Grey Scout, with its fate unknown for the time being.

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Jonathan Harper

Mmm I dig the custom front bumper.