After finding a pair of '77 Celicas parked on the streets of Alameda (this one and this one), I had a first-gen Celica drought that lasted the better part of a year. Had all the rest been crushed? Then I started catching glimpses of this red '75 around town, and I knew it was just a matter of time before I found it parked somewhere.


Since photographing this car downtown, I've found where it parks when off duty. Yes, it's a 33-year-old daily-driven Toyota. Who needs power door locks and cup holders?

According to the original California smog sticker, this Celica has the indestructible 20R engine. Only 90 horses, but they'd keep galloping for hundreds of thousands of miles.


2,270 pounds. That's 23 pounds less than the tiny '09 Yaris... and the Celica has rear wheel drive! Which one would you take? Airbags or character?

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