1975 MG Midget Will Serve As A Light Snack For The Crusher

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Even though the black-bumper Midget was a cruel parody of the ridiculously fun pre-Malaise version, it's still saddening to see one among all the Hyundai Excels and Geo Prizms in my local self-service wrecking yard. This one has the dusty, bleached look of a car that spent a decade or three rotting in a back yard prior to its final ride behind a tow truck. Look at all those good parts! Doesn't anyone want Midget parts these days?


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Rob Emslie

By that time, they had lost the A-series motor to history, and were running the Triumph Spitfire 1500 engine (witness the stromberg carb and left-side manifolds.) and Triumph gearbox made out of sticks and snails and puppydog tails, but little that would engender reliability. Boy do I know that.

I once bought a '71 midget for the parts. I pulled everything off of it- 1275, ribcase, disks, 4:55 diff, and then needed to get rid of the body. Back then, you couldn't transfer title without getting the car smog tested. Well, I had no interest in switching the title, as I just wanted the beater for the parts.

It didn't occur to me that no scrapyard would accept a stripped shell without title. My buddy and I ended up torching the car into quarters (watch those brake lines!) and then dumped it, mafia-style, in an industrial park dumpster. The 1275 from that car sits on my engine stand to this day.