Now, I used to think the infamous "black-bumper" MGBs of the Early Malaise Era had to most horrible incarnations of the monstrous 5MPH crash bumpers of the period. After seeing this '75 2002, however, I may have to revise my opinion. This car's bumpers are hideous!

The engine in this car was rated at 98 horsepower when new, which doesn't seem so bad for a Malaise car of its size (even with the added 300 pounds of the Über Bümpers).

But this one has an automatic. Ach! Still, an auto-equipped '75 as original as this one must be a rare car indeed.


Hmmm... this reminds me that it's time we had another What To Drive In '75 poll! What car would be the best matchup with an automatic 2002?

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