1973 Buick Riviera: Now With EGR And Huge Bumpers!

Rather than brag about the knockout styling of the '73 boattail Riviera, GM's ad agency decided to push some more questionable "features" in this infomercial-length ad. Like, for example, the new-for-'73 version of EGR, which slashed power while doing very little to reduce oxides-o-nitrogen emissions; when you throw in lower-for-'73 compression, the 1973 Buick 455 had become Fat Elvis. But hey, don't forget Accu-Drive, which was apparently Buick-ese for "really soft springs and shocks." But who cares? We still want one.


New Boattail? Buick Riviera Concept Coming to Shanghai [internal]



My folks had a '73 Olds Custom Cruiser with the same shock absorbing bumpers. I backed into a concrete light pole base at about 10mph and bounced right off; just a little dent in the chrome. My dad didn't even notice it. Broke a huge chunk of concrete off that light abutment.

Same anemic 455 engine. I'm guessing about 180 horses for your 11mpg. So sad because our previous car was much cooler 1970 Chrysler T&C with a 440 that went like a raped ape.