1972 Volkswagen Beetle

We've seen four of Alameda's air-cooled Beetles so far in this series (a '59, a '64, a '66, and a '69). With the 50s and 60s covered, I figured I should shoot a 70s model. With so many old Beetles still roaming the island, that's no problem at all- the only choice was between a standard Beetle and its Super Beetle sibling; I opted for the former.


The old air-cooled Type 1 engine was nearing the end of its long run in North America by the time this car was built; the smog belching from the clattery opposed-four wasn't going to be easy to reduce.

The '72 Beetles got a 60-horse 1600 engine, which did a fairly decent job of moving the car's light weight. This example is a bit battered, but mostly solid and rust-free, which isn't always the case in California; Beetles like to rust so much that they can even find a way to do so in this dry, road-salt-free climate.


The main difference between the regular Beetle and its Super sibling was the front suspension; the Super got coilover struts, while the regular Beetle had the torsion-bar setup of its ancestors.


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