1972 Lincoln Continental Mark IV

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We've only seen a couple of Lincolns in this series (a '69 and a '77), and with ten Cadillacs so far, it's time to look at another of Ford's big luxo-machines. I found this '72 parked on the same block as the '70 Volvo 164 and the '87 BMW L6.


I shot this car and the '70 Ford LTD on the same rainy day. Rain might be bad for the camera, but it makes old cars look more serious.

This one is missing the front bumper, but otherwise looks pretty solid. The weird thing is the presence of what appears to be a real convertible top; as far as I know, you couldn't get a '72 Lincoln convertible from the factory. Must be a custom job.


The Mark IV came standard with a big grunt-happy 460 engine, and at 4,800 pounds it needed all that torque.