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1972 Capri, with Bonus DOTS Format Poll

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

OK, Capri experts, feel free to bring up the debate about whether the Ford Capri as sold in the USA was really a Mercury or not; it was sold through Mercury dealers, but had no Mercury identifiers on the car. Also feel free to correct me if I'm wrong about the year of this one; I'm pretty sure the '73 had smaller side "vents" and the '71 had a smaller front bumper (and no available V6), but I admit I'm no Capri expert.

I recall seeing a fair number of these things driving around back in the day, but never really had much to do with them. I had a friend who drove a Buick Skyhawk and considered the early Capri his car's main rival, for reasons presumably having something to do with the V6-ness of both cars; he composed an anti-Capri rap that he would perform any time he could get a couple of us to do the beatbox thing for him:

Drivin' down the street in my Mercury,
It's a bright yellow '73 Capri,
Anti-sway bars in the front and rear,
And a Playboy bunny hangin' from the mirror.

You may have noticed that today's DOTS uses the gallery format. There have been some requests for higher-quality images from some of you (and sometimes a car is just so pretty it hurts to put up tiny 478-pixel images of it; e.g., the MGC-GT), so I'm taking advantage of the holiday Monday to do a test run of the gallery DOTS. It's possible I might try to do some sort of hybrid in the future, when I have extra-purty photos yet still want to gibber on between the images with one of my early-morning tirades. In any case, let me know what you think by voting below.


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