1971 Ford F-100 Pickup

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Continuing the quasi-tradition of Truck Mondays here at DOTS, today we're going to take a break from The General's trucks and check out a 36-year-old Ford that's still getting the job done. Our last Ford pickup looks like it doesn't do much hauling, but this '71 F-100 clearly earns its keep for some plumber or electrician.


The half-ton F-series trucks came standard with a 240-cube six in 1971, but you could spring for the 300 six or the 302 V8 if you needed more grunt.

Of course, there's no telling how many engines have lived behind that grille by now; while the Fords weren't quite as swap-friendly as their GM contemporaries, the owner of this truck still has many bolt-in engine-swap options.


Do I need to go on a tirade about real trucks here? Sure, you could commute from Edge City to the office park in this thing... but there are no cupholders!

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