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1970s BMWs Still Park on the Street in This Quiet NYC Neighborhood

Catch the Q Train south from Manhattan and (depending on the state of the MTA that day) in not too long you’ll get off in a neighborhood of eccentric mansions, at least one tree-lined boulevard, and a bunch of strange and wonderful old cars still parked on the street.


Welcome back to Carspotting! It’s been a while but we’re back with The Worst Walking Tour of New York City, headed by me, a hack who is barely qualified to tell you how to get to the Empire State Building from here. We’re out to find the best cars of the Big Apple.

The neighborhood in question is an old planned development, set up not long after the town of Flatbush joined the city of Brooklyn and then Brooklyn merged with the rest of New York City and became a borough.


I would say that I am of course talking about Prospect Park South, the couple of blocks that lie just south of... Prospect Park. But it’s not super of course. My favorite houses in the city are all in this little area, and some of the best cars that park in the city park out there, too. Lots of weird houses mean lots of weird homeowners and lots of weird homeowners also happen to own and park lots of weird old cars.

Take a little tour along with us and see a few favs, and also at least one near-death experience.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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I see two problems here:

It appears your steering says “I’m turning” even though you’re going straight.

And what is that red light that is on?  If it’s red, it can’t be good, eh?