Welcome to Down On The Mile High Street, where we admire old vehicles found parked on the streets of the City That Rust Sorta Ignored: Denver, Colorado. This may be the nicest street-driven Volvo 140 I've ever seen.


I'm guessing it's a '70 due to the aluminum grille and the flow-through vents below the rear window. 1969 was the first year for the B20, and Volvo created one of my favorite all-time engine emblems for the occasion.

If you think the rear half of this car's body looks like a Volvo 240, you're correct; Volvo included plenty of the 140's genes in their famous brick.

Note: I've just heard from this car's owner. Here's what he has to say about his classic Volvo:

I purchased this 142 from the original owner (estate sale) in 2007 for $3200. Since then I have put in a brand new interior (which you likely saw since I left the driver's window opened). The seat covers come directly from Gothenberg, Sweden, and the carpet is new. I also had the car painted this summer at Porter Auto and Body. The clearcoat looks amazing. I replaced some interior knobs with originals, and I bought all of the original owner's manuals as well. Under the hood I put in an electronic ignition (no more points to play with) from a 1975 model; I replaced the lame Weber carb with a newly rebuilt pair of HS6 SU carbs; I installed an OEM block heater (which works amazingly well); I installed new rubber seals around the trunk; I had ALL rust repaired with welded steel (no bondo on this baby); I installed new brakes, rotors, ball joints, and struts; and lastly, I replaced the wiper blades with the original set that I found in a junkyard in Oklahoma.

I am very fastidious about the care and attention this car gets. However, I credit all of the aforementioned work to the best Volvo mechanic in this city, Bob Cope of Sweden's Pride. He and his brother Stuart run a first-class, honest operation. I have the utmost respect for those men.

I commend you on your astute eye. Yes, this is a 1970, as you noted. Volvo added the rear ventilation slots under the rear glass in 1970.


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