It seems impossible, but we're on the 286th street-parked Alameda vehicle in this series and only now are we seeing a Chevrolet Monte Carlo. How could that be? The first generation of Monte Carlo sold like crazy, yet you rarely see them (in any condition) these days- gone without leaving much trace. While I do have some photos of Alameda's Malaise Montes, I figured this example of the Monte Carlo's very first year should go first.

Though the Monte Carlo was based on the Chevelle, the fenders got these distinctive bulges. The factory rally wheels and center caps look good on this car, and I think the lowered front suspension works as well.

The Monte Carlo was about 150 pounds heavier and 300 bucks costlier than a 307-powered Chevelle coupe, but you got a 250-horse 350 engine as standard equipment. Give the Chevy salesman an extra $420.25 and you could get the SS package, which included a 454 churning out 360 horsepower (though for some reason you couldn't get a four-speed manual with the 454-powered Monte).


The question here is: do the later G-body Monte Carlos belong in this series? Say, the '82s and '83s?

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