1969 Plymouth GTX is a “sporty performer”

Keeping with our "Gentleman's muscle car" theme of our vintage Car and Track road tests over the past couple weeks (1971 Oldsmobile 442 and 1969 Studebaker Avanti II) let's take a look at the 1969 Plymouth GTX. If you are a Jalopnik reader who has a strong zest for living, this 1969 Plymouth GTX test could be your bag.


In 1969 during the former heyday of the muscle car, even the more "reserved" Plymouth GTX came equipped with plenty of the outrageous features these cars are remembered for. From the "Performance paint treatment" on the hood to the "440 incher" under it, the GTX may have been one of Mopar's less outlandish offerings for '69 but it was far from low profile.

The GTX or "Gitex" as host Bud Lindemann referred to the car had plenty of performance potential. Seen on Car and Track's test model is the "Air Grabber" cool air induction system which "works to increase engine efficiency and performance". Judging from the GTX's performance, the Air Grabber worked. According to Lindemann "at high RPMs this 440 incher breaths great big chunks of atmosphere and delivers 375 horsepower". Not bad for a car Lindemann later classifies as being in the "Family category"

When it comes to the Car and Track vintage road tests, the best part of these reviews (besides Lindemann himself) is seeing cars that are now old and in many case collectible being tested to their potential. There aren't many places you can see a 440 equipped GTX these days drifting around a race track. The slow motion pylon course footage is not only entertaining, but shows a surprisingly small amount of body roll from the big old Mopar. After watching the Plymouth being twisted "every way but loose" on the C&T test track, it isn't surprising that Lindemann thought the "Gitex" for 1969 was "the best one yet"



Four wheel drifting a GTX sounds like a hell of a way to spend a day to me.