1969 Ford Galaxie wagon is a factory built sleeper

The fact this 1969 Ford Galaxie wagon is a two owner original that is still wearing the original coat of "New Lime" paint it left the factory with is enough to make it a somewhat rare survivor. Although this Galaxies original condition makes the car interesting, what lies beneath the hood makes it even cooler for the sect of car lovers willing to spend time drooling over a long roof land barge from the late 60s—a big block 429ci V8.

Like most station wagons, few 1969 Ford Galaxies wagons escaped the hard life of family use and abuse that eventually led to the junkyard. Accordingly nice examples are few and far between, which likely explains why we are so drawn to nicely preserved original wagons like this one. This car has two owners since it was new to thank for its well kept condition—the second of which owned the car since 1974.


Being sold new to someone who knew they wanted a wagon with power and then being passed onto a pilot who kept track of all service records in his subsequent decades of ownership meant this car likely missed the normal domestic tasks that destroy a wagon. We think the fact this car was ordered with the optional 429 V8 might provide some insight into how and why this car managed to survive. Anyone particular enough to choose the big engine and skip the wood siding was clearly somewhat picky about what they drove.

As you can see the result of a long term caring owner is an old Ford which shows few of its 43 years or 107,000 miles. Equipped with the 429 we imagine this wagon is an entertaining and quick cruiser despite the cars considerable size. The combination of the car's oddball nature, nice original condition and big block power certainly make the prospect of owning this cool old wagon an attractive one.

So far it seems several bidders agree, with bidding up to a still very reasonable $6500 with less than two days left on the auction. The Galaxie is being listed with No Reserve, so when the auction ends on Sunday the car will have a lucky new owner. The only thing we will not be jealous of is the task of trying to fit this awesome old wagon into their garage.



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