I've been guilty of Chrysler A-Body neglect once again, despite having quite the backlog of Dart and Valiant photos in my DOTS collection. This isn't because they weren't great cars for their time- cheap, reliable transportation, and pretty quick when equipped with V8 power- but, because I see so many of them in Alameda, I tend to forget that they're quite rare once you leave the island. Today we're going to look at an A-Body you don't see every day, even in Alameda: a Dart GT convertible. After you look at the photos, be sure to vote on your favorite DOTS car this week- Friday is DOTS Poll Day!


The GT was the top trim level for the Dart in 1969, selling for more than the base Coronet 440.

This one is in pretty good shape- not a show car, but a driver in fairly original condition. Too bad it's not a 4-speed car, though it might have a Slant Six. Buyers who opted for the Dart GTS got the 275-horse 340.


The single exhaust suggests that this is indeed a Slant Six car, which would make it fairly rare- most Dart GTs had the V8.


The blacked-out grille was a GT feature, and it looks sharp indeed. All right, that's today's Mopar A-Body; remind me if I go too long without another one!

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