1968 Plymouth Custom Suburban Station Wagon

Illustration for article titled 1968 Plymouth Custom Suburban Station Wagon

Would you believe that the same self-service junkyard that has the 2-for-1 Rancheros and the double or nothing Amazons also has this classic Vietnam War Era family hauler? True!


Somehow, this big Chrysler made it through a pair of Energy Crises, the Malaise Era, and the Rise Of The SUV- 41 years of survival before being brought down by the Financiapocalypse. Or maybe it had been sitting in a back yard since 1974 prior to being hauled off to The Crusher's waiting room. Either way, plenty of good parts left on this wagon, so let's hope they get pulled prior to being melted down to make brand-new Cherys.

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I like every line of this car... except that nose. From every angle but the front, this is an awesome looking car. From the front, uh, yuck.

If it were a girl, it would be a "butterface".

Mind you, with a hind-end like that, it'd also be "baby got back"...

Nevermind, let's not start comparing this car to women, that's degrading and something else, and something else.

::twitches from post-Jezbian traumatic stress disorder::