We showed you the painful aftermath of an asshat in an out of control Lexus flying into a classic car show back in June. While a 1940 Ford Roadster was damaged in the incident, it was the 1967 Pontiac LeMans seen here that took the worst of it in this random attack of the beige. Now the destroyed LeMans has showed up on insurance auction website Copart.com, offering a sad epilogue to this story.


When a car shows up on Copart with a salvage title, the car in question has usually been totaled and the insurance company has taken possession of the vehicle. Sadly this seems to be the case with this destroyed '67 LeMans. While it would have been nice to hear the owner was determined to rebuild his car no matter what, a look at these pictures reveals why this car ended up in the hands of the insurance company.

It is truly amazing to see how badly damaged this car is after being hit by the Lexus. Unfortunately for the Pontiac's owner it appears the impact was in the worst possible place, side impact above the frame rail of a pillarless hardtop. Because of this and the fact the '67 LeMans is not a particularly rare car it is pretty safe to say this is the end of the road for this old car.

We can only hope that the few usable pieces left of this car go towards bringing another old Pontiac back to life before it meets the crusher. In the meantime these pictures should remind old car owners of two sobering truths—Even though our cars are bigger, they aren't nearly as safe as new cars and No matter where you are your beloved automobile is never truly safe from an idiot with a drivers license.

Hat tip to Dave!


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