1967 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser

I've been scouring the island for a Skyroof-equipped Olds Vista Cruiser (or its Buick Sportwagon sibling) for many months now. I saw a very nice blue '67 at the Park Street Car Show last year, but I couldn't find the owner to ask about the car... and there's no way such an original '67 could possibly live on the street, right? Wrong! Alameda is laid out with a tight Victorian maze of tiny side streets and a car on such a street can hide right under my nose, as was the case with this wagon. For years, this car has parked less than two blocks from my house, just around the corner from the '68 Volvo P1800.


When I started shooting photos, the owner came out to see what manner of weirdness was being inflicted on his wagon. As is almost always the case, once I explained the DOTS thing to him he was quite enthusiastic about showing off his car to the world, even opening doors and hood so I could get better photos.

The interior has been semi-restored, but most of what you're seeing is original stuff. The 330 Olds engine is the original powerplant, of course.


You could get a new '67 Vista Cruiser for $3,339, a few hundred bucks more than an Impala wagon and about the same as a Ford Country Squire.


DOTS 1-200DOTS 201-250

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