1966 Lincoln Continental Animal House Deathmobile for $19,998!

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Nice Price Or No DiceIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Have you been itching to release your inner frat-boy? Like movie memorabilia? Well dust off those pledge pins, because for today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe, it's time to cut the cake.

Animal House, that comedic icon of college debauchery, was noteworthy more for its crude take on ‘60s frat-house escapades, than for killer cars. There was one exception — a black 1966 Lincoln Continental that was converted into one of the greatest parade-crashers of all time. And now you can own the Deathmobile for less than $20,000.

The Barris Star Car Collection is offering up the claimed original Deathmobile from 1978's Animal House. The seller asserts that it draws attention where ever it goes, and is very popular with the under-30 crowd. I don't recommend showing up to date somebody's daughter in it however.


The Lincoln had a pretty prominent part in the movie, starting off as a weekend loaner from a pledge's older brother.

After being beat to hell on a beer-fueled road trip which included a stop at a near-by women's college for dates, and culminating with a mad sideswiping escape from a roadhouse, the Lincoln was pretty much a wreck, but it's role in the movie was far from over. The big black beauty was reborn in a last ditch attempt by the frat brothers to make sure their expulsion and charter revocation doesn't go down without a fight.

And that's where we end up today, with the greenhouse having been replaced with a turret, a set of wicked, red-trimmed flame-fins tacked on the rear quarters, and angry killer maw-painted grill up front. It does appear that you will be responsible for recreating the "Eat Me" Cake disguise, should you want to reenact the film's climactic ending.

So, from the Barris Star Car Collection to your driveway; is this film icon a $19,998 bargain, or would the money be better spent on that 7th year of college?


[Craigslist Orlando] or go here if ad gets expelled. Thanks to TexanIdiot25 for the tip!

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It looks sensuous...

wait, sorry - I meant "sensual."

Or did....hell with it. Sometimes you just gotta say, WTF.