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1966 Jaguar E-Type, With Bonus British Car Poll

Illustration for article titled 1966 Jaguar E-Type, With Bonus British Car Poll

Those of you who read the Down On The Street FAQ over the weekend know that some of the machines we see in this series don't live on the street full-time. Most do, but every so often I'll find an obvious non-daily-driver that's just visiting, or maybe getting a rare exposure to the world outside of the garage. This immaculate E-Type is such a car; I spotted it parked in front of the island's most popular sports bar a while back and I haven't seen it since.


1966 Jaguar E-Type, With Bonus British Car Poll

I haven't been able to get my greasy mitts on many of these cars, so I can't claim any great depth of E-Type knowledge. However, I'm going to guess this is a '66 model (based on the dash and taillights) and hope that I'm pretty close. Jaguar experts, feel free to weigh in on this burning question.

1966 Jaguar E-Type, With Bonus British Car Poll

This car sold new for $5,580, which was about a thousand bucks more than a '66 Corvette Stingray coupe with 427 and 4-speed (that info is for those of you who wish to price out the cars in the Jan & Dean song "Dead Man's Curve"). The 427 Corvette was way faster (at least in a straight line) and orders of magnitude more reliable, but just look at this thing (wolf whistle).

1966 Jaguar E-Type, With Bonus British Car Poll

But we're not going to have a Corvette-versus-Jag poll today (since we've already had one in Project Car Hell). No, we're going to pick our favorite British car found parked on the non-mean streets of Alameda. Sure, the E-Type is the prettiest... but what about that super-rare MGC-GT? And the '59 Morris Minor takes its owner on a 15-mile commute every day, Lucas Electrics and all!


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Rob Emslie

Whoa, I'll need a minute alone here with these pictures. Talk amongst yourselves.

Oh baby... come here often? What's your sign? Damn baby, don't go away mad, I was just trying to be friendly... shee-it.

Okay, that didn't go well.

I loves me some E Type. The second fastest I have ever driven a car was in my FiL's E type, which is a similar model to this beauty. These are spectacular automobiles (with enough foibles to make a grown man cry) that - much like an old English band - eventually became a parody of itself in the later years. This one appears to be a later series 1 car -'64 to '66. It has the 4.2 and the toggle switches on the dash, and the optional 60-spoke wire wheels. Thankfully it's not a 2+2. Oh yeah, it gets my vote.

Thanks for making my morning Murilee!