1965 Rambler American 220

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How long has it been since we last saw an Alameda Rambler? Since July, that's how long... and that's just too long to be deprived of pre-AMC-nameplate Kenosha machinery! So here's a pretty clean '65 American to start our day. This car parks next to the '61, so we have to assume they're owned by the same person.


The 220 was the entry-level Rambler for '65; you could buy a two-door for just $1979. That was $70 cheaper than a Dart 170, but $2 more than a Falcon and $11 more than a Chevy II.

But when you went with the Rambler, you got some cool stuff. Not just the infamous steamy-window-enhancing fold-flat seats, but styling touches like this side mirror.


There's a certain amount of Dart-esque styling to be found here... although one could make the case that Chrysler's designers were influenced by the Rambler's styling.


You got a 90-horse flathead six (yes, a flathead! in 1965!) as the standard powerplant with your American 220, but another $84.95 would get you the 145-horsepower OHV six.

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