Since we started off the week with a Falcon cartruck, we might as well take a look at an early Falcon with no truck bed. This '63 usually parks on the same block as the '69 VW Beetle, not far from where a Navy A7 crashed in the early 70s and became a grim Alameda legend. We've seen a couple of Falcons in this series, including a '62 and another '63 (if you consider the Mercury Comet to be a Falcon, then we've also seen this '64 and this '65).

This one is a beater, no doubt about it, but it's driving every day and holding its head up high at age 45 (while other cars head to The Crusher at age 15 or 20).


The slow-motion manner in which rust works around here means that there's not much urgency when the red stuff strikes; if you grind off some paint while doing bodywork, you can always wait until mañana to get some primer on there. Now we're in the dry season, with no rain likely until November or so.

In 1963, your base Falcon came with a 144-cubic-inch six and cost just $2,257 for the 2-door. That was about 700 bucks more than the Beetle that year, but still one of the cheaper cars out there. Buyers with a fatter bankroll could go ahead and get the 260 or 289 V8s.


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