One cool thing about being a car freak in Alameda is the number of 45-year-old beaters still rumbling down the streets. This battered-but-defiant '62 New Yorker parks in front of a tow yard by the waterfront...

If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere! This car has been in a few scrapes, but it's got lots of what realtors call character.

The spiderweb-encrusted bare taillight bulb and general beat-ness makes this car seem quite Mad Max-y.


Hmmm... Mad Max is probably the wrong movie reference. Add some chandeliers and it wouldn't look out of place in The Duke of New York's motor pool.


Wow. Chrysler needs to start designing front ends like this again!

And howzabout that rear quarterpanel trim? Early-60s Chryslers weren't just about the flash, though; a 340-horse 413 came standard with the New Yorker for 1962. The real high rollers sprang for the mighty 405-horse version, however.


Style, and lots of it.

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