1960 Mercury Commuter Station Wagon, With Bonus Wagon Poll

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What's better than a regular station wagon? Why, a pink four-door hardtop station wagon with about 800 pounds of chrome, of course! I'm actually pretty familiar with this car, because I've known the owner for many years (and in fact was with him on the day a few years back when he bought it from the original owner). This Commuter was bought new at a dealership in Oakland and has lived its entire life in Alameda; I'm pretty sure it's only been off the island a handful of times in the last 48 years.

This wagon is insanely ornate even by 1960 standards. Fins, emblems, wraparound glass, the works. And, of course, the four-door hardtopness is the icing on the cake.


The word "original" might be a bit mild when describing this wagon; it's a freakin' time capsule. The original receipts from the dealer are still in the glovebox. Of course, it wouldn't win any shows in its current condition, for two reasons: A) Nobody knows what the hell a Mercury Commuter is, and B) The paint and interior are quite faded by the Alameda sun.

But who cares? It's a prime candidate for a thorough restoration, which wouldn't be too hard since everything is there (just a matter of spending lots of dollars on a fresh paint job and an total interior resto). And... breaking news: it's for sale! Take a look at the For Sale sign in the gallery for the contact info. And when you're done with that, take the DOTS Detroit Wagon Poll!


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