1960 Ford F100

Welcome to Found Off The Street, our look at cars found on the cape that rust liked so much it decided to summer there; Cape Cod, MA. Today we have a 1960 Ford F100

Last week's FOTS 1972 Lincoln Continental was sitting for sale waiting for a new owner to come along and bring it back to road duty. While we aren't sure what kind of condition this week's 1960 Ford F100 was in when it was parked, we are going to guess this old workhorse will need at least a little tuning and tweaking to return to road duty. Sitting across from the 1962 Chevrolet Corvair we saw two weeks ago for quite a while, this old truck just needs the right person to return to the road.


The first F series Ford truck was built for the 1948 model year. While the F-150 model has set several sales records and become the most popular of all F series Ford trucks, for the first 27 years of F series production the F1 and later F100 models were the entry level Ford pickup truck. When this week's 1960 F100 was built, it was the only ½ truck model Ford produced.

1960 was the last year of the third generation of F series production. First introduced in 1957 with a single headlight design grille design, the dual headlight style seen on this 1960 model was used from 1958 on. While the trucks were available in both 2 and 4 wheel drive, our FOTS example is a two wheel drive model. One of the 146,556 F100 pickup trucks were produced by Ford for 1960, this example is one of a small fraction of relatively intact examples to be found 51 year later.

While this F100 certainly needs a little work, it is pretty good condition considering it was sold in a time when trucks were used to work and it has spent a good portion of time in the old car hostile environment that is coastal New England. The cab has only minor rust and the bed appears to be a later model Ford flare-side. We aren't sure what is under the hood of the old truck or when it last ran, but I'm willing to bet a few basic parts and a little tinkering would bring the truck back to life.


This old Ford has been sitting where you see it for as long as I can remember almost directly across from the 1962 Corvair. Although it sits clearly visible on a road traveled by thousands of tourists every summer, not one has seen the big green truck and decided they have to have it. According to the aged and sun baked for sale sign this old Ford can be yours for $2200.


Although the third generation of Ford trucks is not nearly as possible with collectors as the two that came before it or the one following, I still find it hard to believe that someone hasn't fallen in love with the old Ford. For now, like many of the cars featured so far in FOTS, the old Ford sits. Perhaps someday it will catch the right person's eye who has the time and desire to bring it back to road duty, but for now the old truck sits thawing out from another long winter on the cape that rust remembered.

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